The Calico ball proclaims itself pre-eminently thrifty in its intention, and remarkably fairly results could also be obtained with cotton materials, if enough intelligence be used within the design of the attire. To realize the impact of an “ outdated print,” white crepe cotton and pale blue sateen, with a straw bonnet banded with the blue and a pink rose beneath, could also be really useful as helpful components. The “ Marcus Stone ” woman, as we familiarly name a maiden clad in white muslin with a frilled fichu, is one other heroine whose frock lends itself readily to low cost materials, and we’ve got at all times at our disposal the ever-popular pink, white, and blue flag, but bunting isn’t essentially the most com-fortable of materials for the enthusiastic dancer. The embodiment of the Seasons, though consider-ably hackneyed, might safely be achieved with cottons and muslins and swansdown, leaves, and flowers ; and a really efficient gown is the Rainbow, through which rainbow crepe of Japanese manufacture is a perfect assistant.

Chiffon is indispensable to the success of many a frock. In a gown which shall signify Smoke, as an illustration, the chiffon should be of a dark- gray tone, and yards and yards must be wound concerning the determine and the top, the sleeves being wing-shaped, the stockings and footwear to match. “ Flames ” might also be embodied with orange-red and yellow chiffon, draped spherical with liberality, it being understood in each these instances skinny, tightly-fitting petticoat and under-bodice be provided of pongee to match the chiffon.

A good suggestion for a fancy- gown ball, if not one based mostly maybe upon the truest f spirit of poetry, is“Greens”; chiffon or silk of many shades of inexperienced, with a headdress within the form of a cabbage.        Very profitable,

although not cheap, is the Oyster gown, composed of a really skinny white satin lined with pink satin, adorned at discretion with fringes of pearls, whereas a pink chiffon chemi-sette is gauged to admiration upon the draped white satin bodice, and the hairstyle of the wearer is surmounted by a coronet of oyster shells set on a bandeau of pale-pink chiffon, with a floating veil of a deeper pink.

The White Oueen from Alice

The White Oueen from Alice in Wonderland may be cheaply and sufficiently represented by a frock of white calico, with the hooped skirt set in a succession of thickly padded rolls, the hair web of white chenille, surmounted by a crown of white cardboard painted with the title. Ingenious, however maybe not very turning into, is a gown of white linen, with a giant clock painted in the course of the skirt, the fingers pointing to, say, 5 A.M., with the plain function of suggesting that the wearer is “ Higher late than by no means.” A personality which by no means fails to draw on the homosexual carnival is Mephistopheles, the female or masculine selection being alike adopted with avidity, in vivid pink, feather within the cap, and a bit shoulder-cape, and spangles full.

A very good costume for a person is the Druid, when he can organize voluminous white draperies as he’ll, and take unto himself the freedom of the mistletoe wreath. A well-liked behavior prevails of embodying the names of sure illustrated journals, and representing the titles of some books. Some daring innovator suggests labelling himself as a Physician, and vows he represents the “ Darkish Lantern,” and the precept opens up a big discipline for choice. Why mustn’t an abnormal evening-dress-coated gentleman be labelled “ The Sphinx’s Lawyer,” and “ The Coming Race ” be expressed by the Oxford and Cambridge crews limned on satin; and “The Imaginative Man” might need a pair of wings mounted to the shoulders of his abnormal broadcloth, an indication that he imagines himself an angel. The bottom is fruitful of suggestion.