Marble tombs sheltered by weary trees

You go by some marble tombs sheltered by weary bushes, beneath the enormous shadow of a mosque, and some steps farther on you look by an arched doorway and see on the marble flooring of a dimly lighted corridor half-naked males, with tufts of black hair drooping from partly shaved heads and striped towels girt spherical their loins, going softly from side to side, or bending a couple of fountain from which water gushes with a silvery noise. This can be a Turkish bathtub. All through Stamboul there are bath-houses with little cupolas on their roofs, and all through Stamboul there are tombs; however the uneasy and watchful crowds throng the quarters close to the waterside and the nice bazaars and the areas earlier than the principal mosques. They aren’t unfold all through the town. Many components of Stamboul are because the waste locations of the earth, deserted by males.

By evening they’re silent and black; by day they seem like the methods of a fantastic picket village from which the inhabitants have fled. Of their open areas, patches of waste floor, maybe just a few goats try to browse amongst garbage and stones, just a few little kids are loitering, two or three silent males could also be sitting beneath a vine by a shed, which is a Turkish cafe. There isn’t any sound of steps or of voices. One has no feeling of being in a fantastic metropolis, of being in a metropolis in any respect. Little there’s of romance, little of that mysterious and beautiful melancholy which imaginative writers have described. Dullness and shabbiness brood over every part. But an unlimited inhabitants lives within the apparently empty homes. Girls are watching from the home windows behind the grilles. Life is fermenting within the midst of the mud, the discomfort, the just about ghastly silence.

The nice bazaar of Stamboul

The nice bazaar of Stamboul is a metropolis inside a metropolis. As you stand earlier than its entrance you consider a fortress stuffed with immured treasures. And there are treasures of worth beneath the heavy arches, within the lengthy roofed-over lanes. The bazaars of Tunis appear minute, of Damascus ephemeral, of Cairo dressed up, of Jerusalem crushed collectively and stifling, when put next with the huge bazaars of Stamboul, which have a solidity, a massiveness, unshared by their rivals. I noticed there many low-cost items similar to I’ve seen on sure cubicles within the East Finish of London, however they had been surrounded with a sure pomp and dignity, with a curious environment of age. Some components of the bazaars are slender.


Wonderful weatherproof tents

That they had good sturdy carts and wonderful weatherproof tents. Their carts (tcdigas) are gaily painted troughs, on the back-boards of that are circles containing some naively executed image, a bunch of flowers, or a rearing horse, and at all sides are iron steps linked with splash-boards over the 4 wheels. The trough, or physique, rests in a cradle on the 2 axles, however isn’t hooked up to them rigidly, the axles themselves being linked collectively by a central beam, a technique of development which supplies nice flexibility, and allows the automobile, though springless, to journey the worst roads with out catastrophe. The tents are product of goat’s-hair material, laborious, tough, and really thick : they’re costly, for an acceptable piece prices eight napoleons. The material is supported partly by the taliga itself, which it covers and protects, and partly by a framework of poles. Of those there are 5, in addition to the pole of the taliga, which makes the sixth—two poles morticed to type the entrance triangde ; the skinny back-post (beli) resting on the bottom, and steadied by insertion by way of the step of the waggon ; the horizontal ridge-pole (berand) ; and two different horizontal poles, one in every of them the driving pole of the waggon, which relaxation on the taliga behind the tent, and are tied to the entrance poles half-way between their intersection and the bottom. The cart thus stands throughout the tent to which it varieties the again, and the material is pegged out via goat’s-hair cords hooked up at common intervals, in order that the sting is about six inches from the earth. Such a tent, in contrast with the dwellings of the Zagundzhis, was a palace.

The tribe had come to Varna with a view to work on the harvest, the place the lads anticipated to earn about two francs a day; however their ostensible technique of livelihood was making combs, a occupation wherein they confirmed nice dexterity. They purchased the horns of cattle, lower them into brief cylinders which they break up longitudinally and flattened by warmth and strain, formed the piece, smoothed it with a rasp and polished it with ashes; then they lower the tooth with sudden regularity via two hand-saws, one positive, and the opposite coarse, and completed the comb with just a little crude ornament in double strains by rocking the handle-end of a file throughout the floor of the horn. A person may produce thirty combs a day, however their earnings had been in all probability restricted relatively by the quantity they might promote than by the quantity they might make.

A lot I discovered by two visits to their picturesquely located camp close to Indzhe-Kioi, just a little village about three miles from Varna, and I discovered additionally that their Rumanian Romani, owing to my earlier expertise with an analogous dialect, was way more simply intelligible than the dialects fashioned below Turkish and Bulgarian affect that I had heard in Osman’s mahala. My beneficial first impression was confirmed on the second go to, when the comb-makers entertained the Vice-Consul and myself with foods and drinks, and gossiped pleasantly, if not with the inconsequent liglit-heartedness of the Zagundzhis; and, later within the night, they received my coronary heart utterly when, with out remark, they raised the side-cloth of the tent so that all may admire a lovely sundown. I made a decision that these fashions of Gypsy propriety can be most fascinating travelling companions, and, seeing that with their assist it will be straightforward to evade the difficulties brought on by Osman’s prohibition, I misplaced no time, however broached the topic without delay, and made preparations for escape.


The presents had started to arrive on Saturday morning

The presents had began to reach on Saturday morning on the Simon dwelling. They have been piling up on the very second when Leo on the synagogue was assuming the obligations of a great Jew and a great American. They got here from buddies, from kinfolk, and from those that felt it good enterprise to favor the son of a buyer. So when Leo and his grandparents arrived dwelling they discovered pyramids of bins. Leo acknowledged lots of the names of the individuals who had despatched presents. They have been names he had seen on the envelopes of the invitation playing cards. Once more he didn’t perceive why the individuals who had apparently thought effectively sufficient of him to ship presents had not thought it mandatory to look on the synagogue to listen to him promise to be a great Jew.

Sunday arrived. That proved to be the day of unex-pected experiences for Leo. A goodly quantity dropped in in the course of the afternoon. They congratulated Leo and his dad and mom and departed. However some stayed on and gathered within the room that had been arrange as a bar for the event. Some took to tables and performed playing cards.

It was within the night that the crowds actually arrived, and that meant extra presents. Leo was in a turmoil attempting to maintain monitor of the ties, fountain pens, and shirts that poured in.

Quickly the bar turned the middle of attraction. Leo was amazed to see how repeatedly the company poured the drinks down their throats, even the ladies.

Within the midst of the noise and confusion he acquired an pressing want to see his grandparents, who have been by this time quietly sitting of their room. They have been comfortable to see him and for Leo their very presence was reassuring. However then he heard his father name and he rushed again into the crowded front room.

“Come on, Leo,” his father commanded. Give your Bar Mitzvah speech for our good buddies.”

“However Pa,” the Bar Mitzvah pleaded, “my speech is for a synagogue, for the home of God.         .

“Come on, come on,” Mr. Simon insisted; I spent sufficient in your classes.”

“Might the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob bless our congregation,” the Bar Mitzvah started.

“I’ll have one other cocktail, please,” got here a fema e voice from the bar.

“Oh, Father in Heaven, I pray unto thee for my dad and mom and grandparents,” pleaded the Bar Mitzvah “Hey, Max, how about some extra Scotch? Demanded one of many company.


Philip sees his mother taking care of the many Jewish

Philip sees his mom caring for the various Jewish girls. Pcustomers in her grocery. They admtred and liked her for her wit and sympathetic soul. In th y gogue she was excellent. All of them greeted her when thev got here out and in of shul.

He remembers, too, that this good mom onceupo a time gave him an actual good licking ie rem the punishment was that his father nahe’y repotted .zero her, “Faifke (now *neahs »»t of the Synagogue and performs cube with different boys.

As a matter of reality he was the ring-leader. 1He m fluenced the others to abandon their fathers in shu come out and play with him. It reached the purpose the place a few of the moms, clients within the grocery retailer mixed that Faifke took from their kids their final “Ideas of the cube video games of his childhood lead him to later recollections—recollections of younger mam hypothesis on the inventory market, when he grew to become a well-recognized determine within the monetary district.

His marriage to the daughter of an clever Jewis

“His marriage to the daughter of an clever Jewisfa”w had given him place in well-to-do ctn cl™ I. mus? be mentioned that Gtos, knew htsInn,.anon, tnrelimous and cultural fields. He would by no means participate when non secular topics had been mentioned. Nonetheless, grew to become president of a congregation.

Success in enterprise brings recognition. As a matter of reality he later grew to become president of a charitable instate. Very often he would say to himself, individuals humorous? There are a bunch of administrators on the board of the establishment wherein I’m who contribute extra money than I do, though they don’t seem to be a5 wealthy as I’m, but I’m the president. Isn’t that humorous?”

An expensive residence throughout the street from Gross’s backyard, at which he glances when he raises his eyes, brings a ache to his coronary heart. James McClain, a distinguished and wealthy churchman, occupies that dwelling. Mr. McClain can be a member of the Inventory Alternate and has given Gross the chilly shoulder on many events.

Philip Gross has one ambition in his life, and that’s: some day to grow to be president of the Inventory Alternate. He has concluded that his actions in Jewish life, his leader-ship in non secular and charitable establishments of his individuals, would by no means discover a lot room within the English papers. As president of the Inventory Alternate his image could be printed within the monetary pages of all of the papers.


Few noticed that Leo had left the room

Few seen that Leo had left the room. When his mom discovered him he was mendacity on his mattress, his face turned away from the presents and his eyes full of tears. He was sobbing.

Mrs. Simon was frightened. “Leo, she mentioned, wh the matter, darling? Don’t you’re feeling good?”

“I’m all proper, mom . . . however . . . have been t osepepie ever Bar Mitzvah?


PHILLIP GROSS will get up from his supper desk and says to his spouse, “I loved the veal cutlets immensely. Then he goes to the backyard.

Mr. Gross is an outdated settler on this wealthy suburb. Along with his first spouse, who was Jewish, he lived right here nearly thirty years. She by no means bore him any kids. His current spouse is just not of the Jewish religion.

Very often he goes to his backyard on their own.

His spouse, Elizabeth, provides him this freedom, for he wants relaxation. Each morning he hurries to town with different commuters of the white collar class. They greet one another in a superficial method, and bury their noses in newspapers.

Evenings Mr. Gross comes residence nervous, upset, dis-turbed. He’s a member of the Inventory Trade. It appears the richer he will get the extra obligations he assumes,_ and the extra nervous he turns into.

This night he additionally has a heavy coronary heart

Philip Gross is just not of the sentimental sort. More often than not his recollections carry him to incidents coping with enterprise; via his thoughts go monetary conflicts, losses, good points. However this night one thing totally different holds him … it’s the day when his beloved mom went to her eternal sleep.

Within the silence of the backyard he hears a voice of days lengthy passed by. It’s the voice of his mom calling to his father:

“Moshe Haim! Cease bothering to scrub the cabinets! It’s late already. Some persons are going to shul already; it’s time for us to affix them. Thank God that now we have an opportunity infrequently to overlook our grocery retailer with all its troubles and tsores . . . !”

A few years have passed by and but he can see his father earlier than his very eyes. He had been match for hardly something within the work-a-day world, besides to assist mom within the grocery retailer. But on the Sabbath or on a vacation when he was wearing his finest he regarded like a saint of outdated.


The sun sets in the West

However the opposition of males like his neighbor, McClain, and others of that kind prevented Mr. Gross from realizing his desires.

Whereas Mr. Gross was busy carrying on his ineffective cam-paign to turn into president of the Inventory Trade he uncared for his duties to the Jewish establishments. Criticism was raised by members of the boards that his contributions could possibly be bigger, and he misplaced floor together with his folks. Others occupied his place. This was painful to him.

Unconsciously, he started to take revenge. A technique was to inform his secretary, ‘‘If a Jew with a beard is available in inform him I’m not in—I’ve given them loads of my cash!”

As a matter of truth he started to really feel that maybe the visits of those rabbis or schnorrers had been the reason for him not changing into president of the Inventory Trade.

Two flower pots in a nook of the backyard remind him of his first spouse … She took nice care of the 2 nots…  It’s three years since her passing.

His current spouse, non-Jewish, is of center age. e comes from an impressive American household. When he met her she was a widow.

It was his hope that by way of her affect and her con-tacts he would turn into the pinnacle of the Trade.

Through the two years since, he had run for presiden of the Inventory Trade on two events and been defeated each instances.

Socially, Elizabeth did quite a lot of entertaining. Y members of her household would name; additionally associates with whom she was lively in her church. Her Philip was pleased with these distinguished visitors, however one way or the other different, reciprocal invites got here again infrequen y.

Elizabeth has her personal vehicle; she makes many visits to her associates. Every time she steps within the c she kisses her Jewish husband and says, Good Y- Daddy,” and he tenderly returns, Watch out, dling.”

The solar units within the West

Philip Gross feels one thing drawing him. Night time will quickly fall. He’s reminded that quickly within the type the place he was once president folks will collect for are mounding from the 2 flowna second he really feel, uneasy a. being reminded o£ days passed by, but there’s something nice in regards to the males Elitabeth comes out ol the home and calls “Daddy, Daddy, the place are you?” there isn’t a reply, lor

at that second an vehicle is speeding by way of Wash-ington Street with nice pace. Its driver is Philip Gross. He retains on saying, “Jesus Christl Will I be on time for yahrzeit!”


A Warm Reception

MY FRIEND and I had been introduced up collectively in the identical little city in Europe. Each Friday, earlier than the method of the Sabbath, our fathers used to take us to a Russian Turkish bathtub. In these days the Turkish bathtub was the “group bathtub.”

However after all, earlier than die excessive holidays, the YamimTovim, the pilgrimage to the tub home was extra necessary than ever. For no good Jew might elevate his Yom Tov soul to a Yom Tov spirit except his physique had been Russian-Turkishized.

And in all these years throughout which my good friend loved the house comforts of “the American manner” he nonetheless visited ** Turkish bathtub in his previous neighborhood.

With him it was a convention.

However a day earlier than Succoth, once I advised that we would each take a Turkish bathtub, he turned enraged and mentioned, “What? Go along with you to have a Turkish bathtub? Nothing doing! I’ve sweated sufficient—no extra!”

I used to be astonished to search out he had out of the blue grown chilly to this warmest, this most pleasant, earthly paradise.

He hemmed and hawed some time earlier than I succeeded in understanding of him the explanation for his new perspective. And right here is the entire story in his personal phrases:

Someday my spouse advised that I make a journey to her relations in Boston. Enterprise right here isn’t so In plain phrases, it s on the bum. It could be, she advised, that her household, most of whom are rich, would discover a busi-ness for me or a job.

I come to her uncle—a wealthy lawyer. He’s higly happy to see me. He tells me that on the           “ very busy; however he insists that I return at two o clock m th^afternoon; then it will likely be a pleasure for him to enter arrive precisely on the minute-two r. M. ^ uncle the lawyer, explains to me that he has massive circumstances pending in court docket which have made him nervous; and subsequently he goes each afternoon at two o dock for an Hectrk therapeutic massage, a sweat bathtub, and an alcohol rub-down. And on this present day he takes me with him in order that I, too, mav get the kinks labored out of my pores and skin.

And, say what you’ll, the sweat and the therapeutic massage gave

“”‘I ex pec ted my’ uncle to ask me to have supper with him—the alcohol rub had aroused my appetite-but as a substitute lie identified the place .zero catch the cat which might take me to my resort: and a. the parting second he be^ed me to name on him once more earlier than I left the c y.


The Harem is a Sealed Book

“ The harem is, in fact, a sealed ebook; for, as the women of the Sultan’s family have by no means been allowed to indulge their curiosity by a survey of that portion of the palace appropriated to Mahmoud himself, it may well scarcely be anticipated that any intruder must be admitted past the jealously-barred door forming their very own boundary.”

The Tub of this imperial residence has already been described in an earlier portion of our work; and we now have now solely to note the intensive and princely gardens, which rise, terrace above terrace, to the very summit of the mountain which overhangs the palace. Every terrace is below the cost of a international gardener, and organized based on the style of his personal land ; however the most interesting portion of the grounds comprises a noble sheet of water, referred to as the Lake of the Swans, whose whole floor is continuously thickly lined with these sleek birds, of which the Sultan is so fond, that he generally passes hours in considering them as they glide over the nonetheless water; and, within the phrases of Wordsworth,

“ Swim double—swan and shadow.”

Boats, gaily gilded and painted, are moored below the shadows of the magnolias, willows, and different stunning bushes which kind the framework of the lake; and about fifty three’ards from the hank stands a fairly, fanciful edifice, referred to as the Air Tub,—a sublime retreat entrance the oppressive heats of summer season; whose roof, and partitions, and flooring, are alike fashioned of marble, wrought in marine derices; and whose fountains, trickling down the partitions, pour their waters over a succession of ocean-shells, marine divinities, sea-weeds, and coral reefs; and sustain a continuing present of cool air, and murmur of candy sound, completely charming. Inferior flats department off on both facet from this stunning saloon, and altogether it’s as fairly a toy as ever exhausted fancy in its invention.

The group of cypresses

A gilded kiosque glitters amid the group of cypresses and plane-trees by which the final peak is topped; and the artist has ably portrayed the magic great thing about the scene which is mapped out beneath him as he stands beside the boundary- wall of the palace backyard. The undulating shores, belted with homes, and sheltered by richly-wooded hills,—the castle-crowned rocks,—the gleaming sails of the passing vessels upon the channel,—and, far a wav, the “ stonn-tossed Euxine,” lashing its billows as if in scorn towards the fortress-barriers that bristle its shores—all mix to kind an image effectively calculated to arrest the attention of the painter and the admiration of the vacationer.


Sweeping Crescent Wise

“ The primary look of tlic inside isn’t imposing. The double staircase, sweeping crescent-wise via the centre of the doorway, contracts its extent a lot as to provide it the looks of being insignificant in its proportions; an impact which is, furthermore, significantly heightened by the elaborated ornaments of the carved and gilded balustrades and pillars. However such is way from being the case in actuality; as, from this outer house, with its flooring of curious woods, arabesqued ceiling, and quite a few casements, open no loss than eight spacious saloons, appropriated to the Imperial family.

“ Above this suite are located the State Residences, that are attractive with gilding, and richly furnished with each luxurious peculiar alike to the East and to the West. The Turkish divans of brocade and embroidered velvet arc relieved by sofas and lounges of European trend—bijouterie from Geneva— porcelain from Sevres—marbles from Italy—gems from Pompeii—Persian carpets—English hangings; and, within the principal saloons, six of probably the most magnificent, if not really the six most opulent pier-glasses on this planet : a gift to the Sultan from the Emperor of Russia, after the Treaty of UnkiarSkelessi. Enclosed inside a deep body of silver gilt, bearing the united arms of the 2 Empires, these pricey glasses replicate in each path the ornaments of the house, and produce an impact virtually magical; whereas the highly-ornamented cieling, richly wrought with delicate wreaths of flowers, and the bright- colored carpets protecting the ground, mix to fling over the saloon an environment of sunshine and gladness, which is elevated by the dazzling glories of the parterre unfold out beneath the home windows, with its flashing fountains, golden orangery, and lengthy line of gleaming lattices.

“ The Reception-room is small, and noteworthy just for the comfortably- cushioned divan on which the Sultan receives his guests; and the noble view that it instructions of the channel, from the Seraglio level to the Fort of Mahomet.

“ TheBanquetting Corridor is totally lined with inlaid woods of uncommon and exquisite sorts, finely mosaiced; the ceiling and the ground being alike enriched with a deep garland of grapes and vine leaves, flung over teams of pine-apples of beautiful workmanship.

Personal flats of the Sultan

“ Therefore, a protracted gallery conducts to the personal flats of the Sultan ; and on each facet are swish fountains of white marble, whose flashing waters fall with a musical monotony into their sculptured basins. In a single, the stream trickles from a plume of feathers, so delicately labored in alabaster that they virtually seem to bend beneath the load of the glowing drops that gem them : in one other, the water gushes forth, overflowing a lotus-flower, upon whose lip sports activities a gaggle of Cupids. The personal flats, which separate the harem from the state wing of the palace, are the very embodiment of consolation: two of them are lined with wickerwork, painted cream-colour—the prettiest attainable concept, executed in the very best fashion.

None Of The Sweetest

Had been coming, we’re coming to gladden the throng,

With laughter and legend, with music and tune;

Darkish eyes gleaming spherical us; mild tones on the air:

And the greetings of childhood to welcome us there ;

A solar within the sky, and a breeze on the ocean,

Oh !shew us the minstrels extra glad than we!

A DESCRIPTION has already been given of the Asian Valley of Candy Waters ; of its majestic airplane bushes, its laughing river, and its scrumptious greensward; of the younger beauties who throng its recesses, the Sultanas who grace its drives; and the rosy kids who make its echoes vocal. Rut its musicians are a race aside, and the artist calls for for them and in fact they’re nicely worthy of it!

Not one of the sweetest

Their minstrelsy is not one of the sweetest; it requires not the ear of science to detect their discords, nor the style of the poet to smile at their absurdities; and but, it’s inconceivable to not welcome them with smiles, for you recognize that pleasure and laughter fellow of their prepare : the calpae of the one, and the turban of the opposite, alike covers a shrewd and a busy mind. IIow a lot could also be advised in a tune, or hinted in a stanza! Take a look at the group round them! The matron is there, cautious and watchful, remembering the years of Her personal youth, and the evils by which she was then surrounded; and but beguiled by the “crafty minstrelsie” of the wandering bards into momentary forgetfulness of all save the allure of their prepared wit and easy seeming: the younger magnificence is beside her, veiled and draped with jealous care, it’s true, however with a coronary heart as heat, and a flowery as buoyant, as if yashmacs and lattices had been unknown within the land of her delivery ; her pale cheek flushes, and her pulses quicken as she listens ; for to her the songs of the pilgrim-bards inform a deeper and a dearer story than to her placid grand’ dame ; whereas the attentive kids collect collectively in groupes, and gaze and hearken in mute and questioning admiration. Many a wild legend do the minstrels chaunt, in a gradual, drawling, monotonous tone, which might add however little to the allure of the subject-matter of their tune; whereas an occasional rasp of the grating tambourine, a speedy rattling of its silver bells, and the hole sound emitted by the small Arab drums that are their traditional accompaniment, alone serve to alleviate the tedium of recitation. Nice, nevertheless, should be the lays which they pour forth ; for a lot of of their honest auditors will stay umvcariedly for hours, listening and applauding with low-breathed “ Mashallahs!” and “Ajaibs!”* and with no single symptom of ennui.